Monday, February 4, 2013

Ana Krstulovic on Organic Knowledge

This is an extract from an e-mail dialog with Ana Krstulovic:

I would say that the "organic knowledge" depends on our inner state as well as surrounding and conditions in which we are at the moment. Because everybody of us has the great ability to understand much more than obvious facts. And that depends on our focus of thoughts...where we put our nucleus of our thoughts. If we are able to put put it right in the middle where our heart is placed we can achieve huge range of data which are in the wider place ....because we are open right in horizontal way and we can "feel it" is combination of thinking and feeling which includes intuitive way of recognizing the Truth and finding the right way to really see the Truth and also to act and to work according to that. We are able to organize the space in the way that makes more energy flow which is necessary for that exchange of inner and outer space. Because there are many barriers in our inner space (emotional,...example..if you don't feel well in some company you will be more closed and nothing from outside will come into yourself and you will be block for wouldn't know nothing...and if you are open and nobody disturbs you and you feel free and you can take a deep breath and than you get "more place for your soul" you are getting wider and you are more connected with surroundings and you can understand better everything around...and there are no doubt ...because you are strongly feel that ) and also there can be barriers in outer space like accumulative energy from the past...because every object has also energy and some "code" in itself. Always is important how you did something and not only what you did...because it reflects on our work. And then of course if you do something with pure love,, that means that you don't have a fear and you are really open then your work have to be done well and everybody can feel and also understand that because you "put right things on the right place".

And also everything ( I mean thoughts as energy emission) are somewhere in the space...everything has the position and also frequency of movement. I think synchronized movement is the key for everything...and really complex form of movement and you really have to feel that how to act and react.

Emily Chang playing cello at Ruin Academy.

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