Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ruin Academy: Cello

About this ruin. WE made the ruin. It did not happen due to some escape, giving up or forgetting. Or did it? Maybe we forgot the forgetting. Maybe we gave up “architectonic control” and let nature in. Maybe we ruined the house in order to escape to the jungle.

Ruin Academy:
- Is it a He or a She?
- What kind of animal?
- What instrument?

A. Not sure about the sex yet, but the ruin is sexy. Sexier than a house.
B. More like some mind than an animal. Or if an animal and a vegetable could make babies, so maybe one of those.
C. Cello

It feels like we are writing new memories to the city - new stories. Ruin Academy is an architectonic sketch-book already impregnated by subconscious sweat of the surrounding Taipei. This is more a void than a volume. An open corner in the city…and the corners are windy.

How to escape academic control? How to get over disciplines? How to find the Local Knowledge Professors? How to high-light the hidden orders of the city…the urban acupuncture? How to determine the energies that the composting processes of Taipei are producing; and how to use these energies? How to make the city and the river meet?

The anarchist grandmothers, the anarchist gardeners who are cultivating the forgotten corners of the city: they are holding some keys. We have a sauna in the Ruin Academy. Soon we are ready to start operating with the granny-power - sauna fresh.

Ruin Academy: Casagrande Laboratory with JUT Foundation for Arts and Architecture
Cello: Emily Chang 張立青
Photos: AdDa

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Day Dreamer said...


My name is Alex, I'm a graduate student at the Boston Architectural College, and I'm currently working on my thesis related to developing the role of architecture in its way to mimic music with the goal to stimulate learning. May I please use your image: http://casagrandetext.blogspot.com/2010/09/ruin-academy-cello.html for my thesis proposal? This is for educational and personal use, and will not be for sale. Please let me know, thanks.