Wednesday, September 7, 2011



The aim of the course is to study and determine the hidden energy flows and the collective memory of the Turku Old Town and react on them by means of urban acupuncture as a method of individual environmental art works in public space.

The course will turn over the urban compost of the Turku Old Town, which is now drifting away from the urban narrative of the city. By turning over this compost we will present the most fruitful top-soil to the city, a cultural rehabilitation and reconnecting the old town to Turku.

The students will work on site for two weeks and are provided accommodation in a boat S/S BORE and occasional food. The students will take care of their own material costs.

Each student is required to produce 1:1 scale individual environmental art intervention on public space around the Turku Cathedral - University - River -area.

The course is kindly supported by Turku, European Cultural Capital 2011.

Max 15 students

Keywords: urban acupuncture, collective memory, urban subconscious, cultural restoration, compost, environmental graffiti, anarchist gardener

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