Wednesday, April 9, 2014

NOMAD Summer Workshop


Korgen, Municipality of Hemnes, Norway
June 2 – 15, 2014
Marco Casagrande & Hans-Petter Bjørnådal
15 students
Design & build with wood and natural materials in 1:1 scale, sketching, photography, environmental drama

NOMAD Summer Workshop is focused on the research of local knowledge and local handcraft as a resource for developing new architecture for future built human environment. NOMAD builds on the architectural and social theories of Urban Acupuncture and Open Form.

There is no other reality than nature. NOMAD architect is an environmental artist and a design shaman operating the connection of human nature as part of nature.

The workshop will focus on the nomadic qualities in architecture and environmental art. The local knowledge will be provided by the Norwegians and nomadic Sami people living around the Hemnes Community, Norway. Our base-camp is on a peninsula surrounded by the Røssåga salmon-river originating from the Okstindan Glacier.

1. Each student will construct a personal work in the natural environment by using natural materials. The works can move freely in-between architecture and environmental art. Each student will perform a ritual related to the work. Coreographer Ada Einmo Jurgensen will start the first week with drama class 1-2 hrs followed by a lecture on local knowledge of Sami and rural building techniques. Personal work and performances will be exhibited and performed for public.

2. A bigger nomad architecture work will be realized as a group work. This summer we will construct a floating sauna on the river.

3. Photo Workshop. One weekend with photographer Ketil Born – the works will be exhibited.

4. Sketching. Students will continuously make sketches during the summer workshop and the work will be exhibited. Teacher: Ina-Therese Norberg-Schulz

5. Trips: One day hike up to the Okstindan glacier. Fishing on the Røssåga River and surrounding lakes and streams.

The prize of the workshop is 500 euros or 750 euros including a cabin accommodation. Camping places for tents are available.

Marco Casagrande
Hans-Petter Bjørnådal

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