Monday, April 22, 2019


“What really happened to the Porcupine?”
“One day he came back from the Zone and became amazingly rich, amazingly rich. The next week he hanged himself.”

The modern city is drifting away. Together with industry it has proclaimed independence from nature; mechanical man is self-sufficient. No more local knowledge, no more pattern language, but a closed form tightly wrapped in the fictional cloth of the development, the source of all pollution, the exponential one-way drive to self-destruction. 

What are the trees thinking, and the ants? Our roadside-picnic has accelerated the enlightenment of colonialism into the final level, the big-bang, which we cannot even hear. We, who so sensitive even to hear the resonating behind the singing of the birds. We, savages and natives of the big mind, decide not to hear or feel, but to be served numb by our own self-destruction, the development.

To develop into what? It’s not the god’s own image, nor it is the nothingness. We say society and we say country, we say god. And to serve these we say economy. Karl Marx was horribly wrong stating that we must own the means of production. Production on the cost of what? We need to scarify and vote, for what – the self-destruction – the development? The wisest of us never develop, they resonate with the rest. How many of us can really resonate; even with the trees?

So the space is the answer, or aliens picking us up. Leaving all this trash behind, and flying away with the angels. Of course the chosen ones. The chosen people. These guys are bad. They are Hollywood, “entertaining” the human species. Entertaining from what? We need to survive. First comes survival, then comes comfort, then comes beauty. Architecture deals with all of this. Architects are not important, but architecture is. We can survive in beauty along with this one mind. Architecture is the art of reality; there is no other reality than nature. We all resonate with this one mind, if we forget the forgetting – the development.

We have two specialties: destroying ourselves and destroying everything around us. What is left is going into space. Anarchy? Taking control of ourselves instead of production, exploitation. Controlling ourselves in order to be able to resonate. Nation states must be able to go in order to let nature to step in as our countries. Otherwise this is all nonsense. We don’t inhabit the land, we grow from it. Just like the trees.

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