Sunday, October 7, 2007

Vilen Künnapu foreword

Temples and Towers

Vilen Künnapu’s architecture is approaching the field of architectonic acupuncture. The mandalas, towers and axises are building a connection between the unknown and the forgotten in the simple trust that the energy exists. In this eternity –based new architecture of Künnapu’s is present a confused quality of revolution. Confused in a constructive sense - not knowing what the revolution is, but that it is worth fighting for. This kind of calling is not normal. If we would be talking about religion, architecture would be theology and Vilen Künnapu a mystic.

The Towers and Temples –architecture is related to big mysteries. They are thought to be mediators between the existing human beings and higher realities. These models are incarnations of the energy centre architecture of the Egyptians, Mayas, Buddhists, Copts, Hindus, Sufis and many others in every time and in everywhere.

Vilen Künnapu has played himself out of time and out of place. This architecture does not qualify to the material speculations of the world as we know it. This architecture can not make a bankruptcy.

Foreword published in Vilen Künnapu's book Temples and Towers, Estonia, 2007

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