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Georgian architecture magazine interview 1 / 2004.

Tamaz Giorgadze: As you once wrote, "Kindness is real reality"..."Urban planning must find a way to be connected into real things"...Don't you think that architecture cannot turn toward real reality independently? It can be a catalys, a medium - and this process requires crucial changes in mass consiousness itself...

Marco Casagrande: Architecture can be real reality. Construction nonsense is needed as well, but that has nothing to do with real architecture. Architecture, humanism, urban planning and art can find a way to reality by means comparable to the actions of a religious mysticism. One must be sensitive enough to feel the subconscious realities and interfaces and professional enough to find out the tools to work with them. One has first have to have something to say and then find out the methods how to say it.

T.G.: Real reality lies beyond the surface of life, but the surface itself is no less real. This "surface reality" is strong on its feet and will not give in so easily either...How, by what means can we push throught toward real reality?

M.C.: People sense the real reality. People know what is true in the end. Architecture is traumatized by building industry and other external dominances to react for it. Design has replaced reality. The mediator between the head and the hands must be the heart. Artchitecture should be this heart.

T.G.: RedRum opens up the usually inaccessible space, introducing freedom as the new quality of architecture. Is this how we should understand the RedRum?

M.C.: Redrum is a space articulated to open up possibilities to think, like a temple.

T.G.: Reality can be considered as teh balance between freedom and constraint. What does this balance - or reality, if you like - mean to you?

M.C.: Real reality is something that you can no longer speculate - like kindness. Kindness is just kindness. This is this, and this is nothing else, but this is this.

Marco Casagrande - Tamaz Giorgadze
2004 Redrum. a + d. Tbilisi. 130-131.
link: REDRUM

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