Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bug Dome

Bug Dome
WEAK! For SZHK Biennale 2009

The Bug Dome touches the following 5 elements.

Accident is greater than human control. Designer must be present in order to understand the constructive dynamics of accident. To be present is the key of all art. Accident is calling the designer to get out of the office. Accident is beyond human control, and thus insulting to the industrial mind. Usually we call this a human error.

One has to die a bit to be reborn. One will not get closer to nature by sitting in an air-conditioned office. The ultimate reason of nature is not to keep the air-conditioning on. Nature has one rule: existence maximum. Man has one identity: nature. Everything else is style and needs therapy. A bear has hair, because it is hairy – not because somebody would have designed so. Design cannot replace reality. Real reality cannot be speculated; it is total. Fish will run up to the river without us thinking on it. Fish is real.

Industrial city is an anti-acupuncture needle in the life providing system of nature. Industrial city must be ruined; city must become part of nature. China has a big migration going on from the rural areas to the industrial cities. These hands can bring in the solution. Industrial city will be ruined by human nature. Modern man must be ruined.

Bug Dome is in the same time a shelter and a mediator between the modern man and nature. Shelter is the seed of architecture. Bug Dome is growing from this seed. It is looking around at the surrounding city. Maybe it grows bigger and eats the city. One of these days these streets are going to get organized.

Design follows drama. Social drama brings human nature to the street level. Bug Dome is a hidden theatre, cave and a temple where the construction workers are building up a fire day after day. The revolution is not yet complete. Comrades, you should still keep working.
SZHKB curator Ou Ning @ Bug Dome with Marco Casagrande, Wei & Wei and Shenzhen Daily editor.

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