Sunday, October 6, 2013

International Committee of Architectural Critics 2013 Award for Marco Casagrande


International Committee of Architectural Critics / Comité International d'Critiques d'Architecture CICA has awarded Finnish Architect Marco Casagrande their 2013 main award based on "conceptual and artistic architecture". The jury consists of Trevor Boddy (Architectural Record, Bauwelt, Globe and Mail etc.), Manuel Cuadra (Documenta, Univesity of Kassel) and Kieran Long (Victoria & Albert Museum, Evening Standard, Architectural Review etc.

CICA brings together critics, theorists and historians from all over the world. The members of CICA share the conviction that criticism and the theoretical discourse of architecture in general are integral parts of the architectural process. Consequently, CICA and its members see themselves as working towards a better architecture and better cities alongside the architects.

The award was given in the 2013 Buenos Aires International Biennial of Architecture where Casagrande is currently having an extensive exhibition of his work. 

Marco Casagrande

CICA Award @ Buenos Aires Architecture Biennial 2013
The International Committee of Architectural Critics CICA has, since it was established in Mexico City in 1978, been closely associated with the World Congresses of the International Union of Architects.

The inaugural meeting of CICA was held in the Joan Miró Foundation in July 1979 when Prof. Bruno Zevi (Rome) was elected the first CICA President with Jorge Glusberg (Argentina), Julius Posener (Germany), Dennis Sharp (UK) and Pierre Vago (France) as Directors.

The current President is Prof. Joseph Rykwert and CICA Board Members are François Chaslin (F), Prof. Manuel Cuadra (Germany), Jorge Glusberg (Argentina), Louise Noelle Gras (Mexico), Süha Özkan (Turkey) and Jennifer Taylor (Australia).

CICA has held critical sessions since, in Warsaw, Cairo, Brighton, Rome, Vienna, Sydney, Barcelona, Istanbul, Paris, New York, London, Gelsenkirchen, Beijing, Berlin, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Kuwait, Vancouver, Torino and Tokyo.

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